Admin Services

No Hassle. No Headaches.

Just a Seamlessly-Managed Facility.

Back-Office Management

Ensure a smooth-running back-office with admin services, brought to the facility by a detail-oriented team pooling their experience on the facility’s behalf.

Internal and External Financial Reporting

Prestige takes care of internal reporting, external reporting, and loans for the facility.

Tracking invoices and paying open vendor accounts

Analyzing data and using it to chart the path forward

Ensuring reports are both accurate and readily-available for insurance, banks, and census


Prestige processes payroll for each employee accurately and on-time.

Reviewing timesheets and employee software on a biweekly basis

Checking for — and resolving — discrepancies in calculations

Processing payroll, federal, and state taxes for each employee

Accounts Payable

Prestige tracks each dollar and closes out the books every month.

Accuracy and payments by verifying vendor’s invoice

Ensuring payments are properly approved and processed

Avoiding scam by verifying each vendor’s invoice


Prestige’s on-staff accountants oversee all financials.

Tracking revenue and cash data to give an overview of operating expenses

Reconciling revenue, expenses, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow

Noting trends in financials to delineate keys to profitability


Prestige aligns the books to ensure the business is consistently profitable.

Annual review of the budget based on operational feedback and market factors

Comparing actual versus projected budget get a clear grip on the numbers

Reviewing and updating the budget based on changes within the business

Workforce Management

Prestige oversees scheduling to staff each facility in the most financially-sound and effective way.

Providing an on-site specialist to schedule shifts at the facility

Giving tips and tools for scheduling that ensures residents are properly cared for within budget

Reviewing schedule changes to problem-solve known issues in advance of the next shift

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