A VP is a clear statement of the results a customer gets from using your products or services.

Prestige provides administration and back-office management for SNFs and ALFs in our Prestige family.

A USP is a statement about what makes you and your company different from other vendors.

We provide both back-office management and overall administration with regional directors in place to guide each of our facilities.

The brand mantra sums up the brand goal and benefits you aim to provide. Why do you exist? 

We want our back-offices to be in order and our facilities to run well so that we’re as profitable as possible and don’t run into trouble down the line.

We will manage your finances, accounting, reporting, payroll, accounts payable, scheduling, and provide direction on operations, clinical standards, business development, reimbursement, therapy, and employee engagement so your facility is consistently in compliance and profitable. We’ll manage your facilities and keep them on track with banks, landlords, and potential new investors or buyers. When you use Prestige, you know that you have a team that will always put the wellbeing of your residents first.

What is our mission and what are we doing to fulfill it? 

Prestige Healthcare Group ensures healthcare facilities are always running profitably. We take care of administrative tasks and oversee operational responsibilities so every detail of your business runs smoothly, and so your facility is prepared to scale and grow.

Archetype: THE SAGE 

We know our industry, and we know it well. We can protect you and your facility from liability, falling out of compliance, and losing money. With our wise experience, we will ensure your administration and operations are running profitably. 


  • Wise
  • Credible
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Clear 
  • Helpful 
  • Reliable 
  • Classy 
  • Professional 
  • Experts 

Nursing home teams are divided by landlords, administrators, and management. Prestige takes care of management, so our target is: 

  1. Facility owners who want to rent out the management services 
  2. People who have (and are looking to sell) all three: real estate, licence, and ability to manage



What do they worry about? 

How Prestige helps 

“If the facility goes under, I’ll potentially lose both my license and money when the real estate value plummets. Will the facility be managed well?” 

“Will I be held accountable for mismanagement, even once I sell the business?”

  We ensure the business is run well so you’re not held liable down the line. You can trust Prestige and know you did your due diligence. When you use us, you’re confident we’re taking care of the facility — just as we do for the 4 others we manage. 

“I want to know that if I give you this facility to manage, I won’t hear about any issues. You’ll take care of everything.” 


Some companies have a roster of services, and if they don’t offer what you need, you need to fill in the gaps on your own. We don’t work that way. 

You’re not paying us for a list of services. You’re paying us to operate your facility in the most profitable way — and we do exactly that because we know that the success of your business comes back to your bottom line. 

Our primary goal is the bottom line, but that doesn’t mean we don’t jump in if it’s not operational. Ex: If an invoice is late, we’ll not only get the invoice, we’ll get to the bottom of why it was late to ensure it’s smooth sailing next time. 

“If I hand over my management, will I still know what’s going on?” 

We believe in communication, transparency, and accountability. 

If there’s a reason for delay, we will give you heads up so you have the information to work with. You know what to expect and can plan accordingly. 

You always have a direct line of communications and we’re in touch with our admins on a daily basis. There’s always someone in our office you can speak to and we’ll always be clear on where things are holding and can provide whichever information you need. 

“Will our business lose money?” 

“What does our cash flow look like and what can we do to be more profitable?” 

We don’t look at our role as completing the tasks. We see our role as always determining — what’s best for the company? We look at your financials and translate that into operations. What’s the most financially solvent way to go about this operation? If there’s a way to save money, we’ll tell you. We’re a liaison between operations and financials. 

On a practical level, we run your back office well so your books are always up to date and you have reports/a roadmap to how to be more profitable. 

“Will we miss important deadlines or fail to submit necessary reports?” 

We have a robust team in place to ensure everything happens in time. 

We take care of all reporting for you — and present the data in whichever formation your internal and external reporting requires. 



Prestige is not reputable. 

“Do you even exist? I can’t find you on the web.” 

We have 5 years of experience managing healthcare facilities and have made several of them more profitable 

Giving over back-office management is more trouble than it’s worth


“If someone else does the admin for me, I’m just going to be busy managing them instead of my own team.” 

We’re responsible and easy to deal with. All our processes are streamlined. 


More than that, back-office management is what we do, so we do it well. Considering that we manage several facilities, we’ll bring more experience to the table than an in-house team only dealing with one facility. 


Financial Reporting

We take care of all reporting required for SNFs and ALFs. 

Internal Reporting

  • Purpose: To see how the company is doing and take stock so we can use it as a road map moving forward. Where do we need to cut? How can we do better? Where should we focus? 
  • Process: We run financial reports on a monthly basis — analyzing expenses and revenue, looking at budgets and trends, ensuring all numbers and data match up accurately. 
  • Once completed, this report is used as the basis of many other reports. 

External Reporting

  • Purpose: To ensure all reports required by banks, landlords, or the government are both accurate and readily available. (This includes reports on loans required by banks, Medicare, Medicaid, Costs (CMS), and census reporting.) 
  • Process: We ensure your books are up to date and then gather the data in whichever way the report requires. This is done monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the exact requirements of the report. 


  • Purpose: Ensure all payroll is both accurate and up to date
  • Process: On a biweekly basis, the Prestige HR team reviews your timesheets and employee software to confirm hours. We check for discrepancies and ensure all is in order, then process payroll for you. Because we have access to funds and bank accounts, we can also take care of payroll needs that arise between payrolls. 

Accountable Payable 

  • Purpose: We make sure every vendor or invoice is paid accurately and on time so you don’t need to be busy writing checks on your own. You never need to pay on your own because we close out the month for you. 
  • Process: Every single vendor and invoice comes through our office instead of through yours. We review bills, contact vendors directly with questions, look out for scam vendors, and then pay the bills. 
  • You upload the invoice through software, approve it with the appropriate director or admin, then we bring it into our system and follow through by filling the invoices. 


  • Purpose: In addition to internal and external reporting, we take care of managing, tracking, and reconciling your financials. The biggest piece of this is monthly financials. 
  • Process: We have 4 accountants on staff who take care of the following: 
    • Bringing  in all your revenue and cash data 
    • Reconciling with banks 
    • Tracking data from accounts payable to give you an overview of operating expenses with monthly reports that cover expenses, revenue, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow
    • Reviewing all reports for accuracy 
    • Writing notes on financials to point out trends and bring things to your attention. (We don’t only focus on what happened. We also look into WHY things happened so we can give you pointed notes that bring your business to the next level. Ex: Instead of only pointing out that your housekeeping hours went up, we’d also point out that it’s because you were training new hires — so this is a one-time thing and not a regular rising cost.)


  • Purpose: Align your books and ensure your business is consistently profitable 
  • Process: Creating a yearly budget, then using your monthly financial reports to compare your projected vs. actual budget. We also do monthly reviews of the annual budget and upkeep/adjust it based on changes to your business. 

Workforce Management 

  • Purpose: We help you staff your facility in the most financially-sound and effective way. 
  • Process: We have a scheduler in each facility who, in addition to helping with actual scheduling, is in touch with the team on a daily basis to help them understand the dollar effect of each choice. We give you tips and tools on scheduling in a way that doesn’t only ensure residents are properly cared for, but that also doesn’t go over budget. We also review the schedule of what was planned vs. what happened and problem solve by knowing the issues and correcting them well in advance of the next schedule.



Our regional direction is a unique service, which most health care groups do not offer. 

  • Purpose: SNF/ALF is one of the most highly-regulated industries out there. There’s so much room for error with compliance, policies, and procedures. Instead of only overseeing one facility, our regional directors oversee several. This broadens their experience, so instead of your directors only pulling on the knowledge they gained from one ALF/SNF. You get the benefit of additional and broader experience ensuring your facility is always running the most cost-effective, compliant way possible. 
  • Process: Admins of each facility report to the operators, who liaison with the director of their department. The regional directors: 
    • Walk admins through the path that ensures you’re always in compliance
    • Ensure all employees are properly trained to meet clinical needs (ex. Health Care Academy online training modules) —> this means all employees are trained to uphold the same standard of care in 12 modalities 
    • Create systems to outline patient care, which drives better care for patients (ex. Protocol for when admissions, when a patient falls, etc.) 

Regional Director of Operations 

  • 2 people hold this position, both of whom are licenced nursing home admins and ran facilities previously. They bring this experience to Prestige. 
  • Take responsibility for facility operations and overall follow-through to maintain the highest practical level of care 
    • Clinical functions
    • Customer services
    • Recruitment and retention 
    • Reporting changing in conditions, dealing with incidents 
    • Compliance 
    • Policy and procedure development 

Regional Clinical Director 

  • Responsible for all facets of care 
    • Will review the 24 hours reports to make sure DONs are picking up changes in care — psych, physical care, etc. 
    • Make sure all clinical needs are addressed and take the steps to address them, such as instituting new training or education when a patient needs a new kind of care
    • Regulate training for new and existing hires (including working with local education facilities to train new aides) 
    • Oversee infection control + COVID regulations
    • Weekly meeting to review what’s going on with the building, see the trends and patterns, and put interventions in place to turn things around when needed
    • Work hand in hand with local education facilities to train new aides

Regional Business Development Director

  • Work with admissions to ensure we are generating as much revenue as possible by filling occupancy 
  • Developing a skill peer mix that gives us the ability to work with the residents we admit 

Regional Reimbursement Director

  • Helps with admissions and then reimbursement, which is based on the level of care and services we provide 
  • Assessing needs of admitted patients and capturing a picture of the care we provide to work out the equivalent reimbursement rate, which is a combination of clinical care, therapy, etc. 

Regional Director of Business Office Management 

  • Work with facility business office managers on Medicaid approval 
  • Trains news managers 
  • Provides education for the families on what the process will be 

Regional Director of Therapy 

  • Keeps a finger on the pulse of therapy — both in the facility and around the world — to ensure our facilities are always ahead of the game at providing top treatment 
  • Reviews how therapists are doing 
  • Innovates new trainings and therapy approaches, including arranging ongoing education for new modalities so we can provide additional services 

Regional Director of Employee Engagement 

    • Post-COVID, retention in this industry is at an all-time low. Our director of employee engagement is there to let employees know we care about them so we can both recruit + retain top talent. 
    • Also responsible to work with the residents and activity directors to ensure residents are happy with the activity programming, that it’s ample and that they are engaged and  enjoying their world inside the facility

Theportopiccologroup.com — manage + own facilities





n/a — seems they have expanded their reach beyond healthcare

Clean, modern, fresh

Makes you believes in their professionalism 

UX is not intuitive. There’s no content on the homepage, forcing you to click through before you understand anything about what they do. 

Apex Global Solutions: Apexglobalus.com — manage facilities 





Strong testimonials and numbers 

Clearly articulate not only what they do, but the benefit of that for you 

“Why AG” page can come across as pushy 

Clean, but also comes across as outdated 

Each service is its own page, which is inconvenient for the prospect to sift through 

Care Rite: careritecenters.com — manage facilities 





The website does not seem catered to prospects at all. It’s nearly impossible to know what they do from the homepage alone. 

Very strong case studies, which prove their expertise 

Outdated design, can also come across as dizzying

Very outdated, very hard to navigate (ex: the case studies are a strong selling point, but they’re buried within the navigation of another navigation) 

Quality Healthcare Resources: qhcr.com — manage facilities 





They’re not afraid to make strong promises (the 4x advantage), which is reassuring to prospects 

Their messaging is very clear and easy to understand 

Services pages have a lot of good, reliable detail, showing they know what they’re talking about 

A very strong “Why Outsource” page, which talks directly to any possible hesitations 

Nothing standout, but very clean, easy on the eyes

Surprisingly intuitive. Very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. 

LTC Consulting: ltccs.com





The writing itself is very strong with great headlines. However, the messaging is not entirely clear — what do you do and how can that help me? 

Services pages have a reassuring amount of detail, leading you to trust the process 

Same as Quality Healthcare Resources — not horrible, not great

There are an overwhelming amount of tabs and possible places to click next, which don’t push clients toward the main CTA 

We help Nursing home owners and admins
Who  Who are busy with running the facility operations and/or concerned about liability 
To achieve Always remain both in compliance AND profitable 
Through With our back-office admin team and regional operations
So that  So we can run our facilities seamlessly and without trouble. 
Prestige Healthcare Group is more than a back-office management company. We’re a team of skilled, experienced professionals who know the industry and make sure all processes, compliance, admin and back-office tasks are on track. More than our actual services, we make sure our facilities run smoothly with peace of mind.



Education / Nurturing

Give a clear overview of all the services Prestige provides AND let facility owners know they can rely on us. 

Authority Building

  • Use strong case studies showing hard numbers of profitability 
  • Leverage the team’s experience and show how this benefits you